(General Procurement Notice (GPN





ISSUEDATE: 3/1/2018


PROCUREMENT REF No.: MoPW/WORKS/2017-18/000/….

1.       The Government of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan (GoA) has applied for the financing in the amount of US$74.0 million equivalent from the Islamic Development Bank (IsDB) to finance the construction of 20.7km long new 4-lane Kabul City Ring Road (KCRR) and 15km local link roads, and it intends to apply part of the proceeds to payments for goods, works, related services and consulting services to be procured under this project.

  1. The project objectives are to facilitate the socioeconomic development of Afghanistan and improve the road network capacity, reduce traffic congestion, improve road safety and increase the overall efficiency of road transport system around Kabul city.

The project is targeting construction of 20.7km long new 4-lane divided carriageway of paved asphaltic road standard and improvement of 15km local roads, market places, up gradation of schools, health centers, drilling of safe drinking water collection points and other social infrastructure in the vicinity. The project scope includes all works related to construction of carriageways (one in each traffic direction) located between Maidan Shar Road to Kabul/Logar Road with 7.3m carriageway, 7m median, 2-lanes of 3.65 m plus 2 shoulders for each carriageway, 1.2m paved inner and 3m external shoulder (2.5m paved, 0.5 m gravel verge), 30m roadway width and other associated civil works. Additional land is acquired for the construction of the KCRR. Most of the required land is within the public domain. The land acquisition process for the private land has started, public consultations, land valuation and cost estimates have been completed. About 35-40% progress has been achieved. Therefore, the land acquisition is not foreseen as a major issue.

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