Terms of References for Audit Services of PMO - Ministry of Public Works

Terms of References for Audit Services of PMO

1. Introduction
Asian Development Bank categorizes Executing Agency (EA) as form of organization that may undertake any combination of the following activities in the public and private sectors 1.design of a project 2.implementation of a project 3.Operation of a project. The Ministry of Public Works (MPW), Islamic Republic of Afghanistan is responsible for development, operation and maintenance of the Primary and Secondary Road Network in Afghanistan. As per the Presidential Decree (No.2303 dated 18/6/1384), planning and construction of roads, bridges, airports, and railways shall be the responsibility of the Ministry of Public Works. Its mandate covers the following activities:

 Road infrastructure planning
 Road construction and maintenance
 Survey and design
 Vehicle maintenance (of own vehicles and equipment)
 Airport design and construction [maintenance is a responsibility of the Ministry of Transport (MOT)]
 Inland waterway terminals
 Railways

The implementation of the road projects has been financed by various multilateral agencies like the Asian Development Bank (ADB), the World Bank (WB), UNOPS, the Islamic Development Bank (IDB) and various donor countries like the United States, Japan, European Union, Saudi Arabia, India, Pakistan, Italy and Canada.

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