Minister's Biography


Yama Yar

B.Eng. M.Sc.

Minister of Public Works


Mr Yama Yari is the youngest member of the Afghan government’s cabinet and has been serving as the Minister of Public Works (MPW) since August 2017. Under his leadership MPW is undergoing broad and key reforms, which has already improved MPW’s performance in areas of project and service delivery, budget execution, accountability and the fight against corruption.

Between September 2014 and September 2017, he served as the Director General of the National Procurement Authority (NPA) at the Administrative Office of the President. Mr Yari spearheaded the public procurement reform initiative in Afghanistan that led to the creation of National Procurement Authority (NPA), the National Procurement Commission (NPC), and the National Procurement Institute, three of the most successful reform initiatives undertaken by the National Unity Government of Islamic Republic of Afghanistan.

Mr Yari successfully brought and implemented essential reforms encompassing legal framework, strategy, policies and mechanisms for capacity development, transparency and accountability within the procurement system which resulted in financial savings of more than 200 Million USD over a period of less than three years.

In early 2012 he served as an Advisor to the Ministry of Public Works, and later in 2013 became the Senior Advisor to the Afghanistan Railway Authority (AfRA), an organisation he also helped to establish and develop to a level where it became member of the International Union of Railways (UIC) and the Organization for the Cooperation of Railways (OSJD).

From 2006 till 2011, he worked as a civil and structural engineer in the United Kingdom with internationally reputable companies such as the Waterman Group, Capita Symonds and Crossrail.

Mr Yari holds a First Class Bachelor’s Degree in Civil Engineering from the University of Brighton (UK), and a Master of Science Degree in Engineering & Business Management from the renowned Imperial College London. He was also the recipient of the Student Prize from the Institute of Civil Engineers (ICE) for his outstanding performance in Civil Engineering studies. Subsequently he completed

In October 2016, H.E. President Ghani awarded Mr. Yari the High State Medal of Honour in recognition of his valuable services, achievements and efforts in public sector reform and the fight against corruption.