Ministry Strategy/Policy

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Ministry of Public Work’s Basic objectives


Our vision is to create a safe and effective road network in Afghanistan which comprises regional highways, national highways, and provincial roads including bridges that form a major transportation system for our noble compatriots.

Our desire is to have a road which has specifications like: road system which obtains the access to communities and regions; a road system which would not car accidents, time taking and car jam; a road system which prepare the people inexpensive travels and low rate material trafficking to villages, remote areas, international borders, provinces and capital Kabul city; a road system which does not have any bad effect on environment and weather; such road network which is furnished with sidewalk, bicycle line and finally a road system which is normally repaired after a damage in the road body .

Briefly should be add here that the works such as project designing, survey,  reconstruction/rehabilitation of roads road maintenance, contracting   for  road construction with private sectors/road companies, monitoring of road and bridge restoration are all executed through Ministry of Public Works.