Bamyan: construction of a Bridge in Ghajoor village is 77% complete

Sat, May 08 2021 11:17 AM
Bamyan: The Bridge and a piece of road in Ghajoor village is 77 percent complete

The project of a 15-meter-long RCC bridge, including a 300-meter long gravel road, which is located in the Ghajoor village of Waras district in Bamyan province, achieved 77 percent of its physical progress.

According to the Ministry of Public Works, the project has been contracted with the local development council for 10 million Afghanis and funded by the Afghan government.

Otherwise, this bridge’s project has been created around 8581 working days for local workers and after the completion of this project, thousands of people of the entire region of central Afghanistan will be directly benefited.

With the completion of this bridge in the Girojoi region, Zardami village will be connected to the Karastu Kargi marketplace, and through this route to the Ashtarli district of Daikundi province, the transportation problems of the surrounding villages will be solved.

MoPW Media Team - Kabul

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