Jalalabad: the beltway project of Abdulkhel-Behsud Bridge hits 28% work progress

Thu, Apr 08 2021 1:00 PM
Jalalabad: the beltway project of Abdulkhel-Behsud Bridge hits 28% work progress

The 12-kilometer long and 40-meter wide road project between Abdulkhel village and the bridge of Behsud, which lays like a beltway in the north of Jalalabad City, has been reached 28 percent of work progress.

According to the Ministry of Public Works, this beltway has been designed as a wide route through Abdulkhel village, which connects the Behsud bridge point with the main road that goes to the neighboring Kunar province.

It’s noteworthy; the contract of this project was signed with a private construction company for more than 1.5-Billion Afghanis, which has been directly funded from the national budget of the Afghan Government.

After the completion of this project, the size of traffic congestion and vehicle depreciation will decreasingly go down and will continue to have a positive impact on development (both, the Urban & Rural), connectivity’s and social engagement, indeed.

MoPW Media Team - Kabul

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