MoPW: Afghan & Iranian delegation to implement more joint projects

Thu, May 06 2021 3:00 PM
MoPW: Afghan & Iranian delegation to implement more joint projects

Engineer Najibullah Yamin, Minister of Public Works, spoke with the Iranian delegation about a number of important road projects in his office today, on Wednesday.

In this meeting, Sayed Hussain Mir Shafi, advisor and special representative of the Minister of Roads and Urban Development of Iran, expressed the interest of Iran to invest in the roads’ projects of IslamQala-Duogharon, Abu Nasr Farahi dry fort, Qaisar-Laman Road, Salang-pass, and many other projects.

Engineer Najibullah Yamin, Minister of Public Works, expressed his gratitude for the goodwill of the Iranian delegation and their enthusiasm to invest in Afghanistan’s road sector.

He highlighted some of the important roads of Afghanistan that should be constructed soon; including the second, third, and fourth sections of the Kabul ring road, Herat-Kandahar-Kabul roads, repairing and development of Herat-Islam Qala road, Salang-pass and so far.

During the meeting, which was also attended by the technical team of the Ministry of Public Works, some issues were agreed and decided to share more bilateral information regarding roads’ infrastructures.

The Iranian delegation expressed interest in investing billions of dollars in Afghanistan's transport infrastructure, adding that they would share their experiences with the Afghan engineers.

Meanwhile, the Minister of Public Works asked the Iranian delegation to form a joint committee between the Ministry of Public Works of Afghanistan and the Ministry of Roads and Urban Development of Iran to work on a long-term mechanism of technical cooperation.

During the meeting, the establishing of the MoPW technical institute was also discussed, and the Iranian side expressed their interest in its construction.

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