Ministry of Public Works (MoPW)

Trans-Hindukush Road Connectivity Project (THRCP)

  1. Project Description:

The Trans-Hindukush Road Connectivity Project operates within the framework of the Ministry of Public Works, the financial agreement of which was signed on November 14, 2015 between the Ministry of Finance of Government of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan and the World Bank. This project started on January 31, 2016 and ends on December 31, 2022.

The project initial budget was estimated $250M, which was Granted by the World Bank, IDA. In 2020, $100M of the budget was transferred to fight against the COVID-19. After moving of the mentioned budget to fight against the coronavirus, the construction of Baghlan-Bamyan Road faced budget deficiency. The Government of Afghanistan pledged to provide $20M of the required amount for construction of the road.

This project is now responsible for the construction of the 152-kilometer-long Baghlan to Bamyan road and the design of the 30 Km upper (critical) part of the Salang Pass and Tunnel. Baghlan to Bamyan road is divided into seven Segments; the Segments 1 to 4A of which are located in Baghlan province and the 4B to Segment 6 are located in Bamyan province.

So far, 4 Segments of Baghlan to Bamyan road have been contracted, including the Works of Segment 1 with a length of 24 km in June 2018, the Segment 6 with a length of 24.58 km in April 2018, the Segment 2 with a length of 23.04 km in October 2019 and the Segment 5 with a length of 19.58 km has started in January 2020. Segments 3, 4A and 4B are under procurement. Among the awarded contracts, the Ministry of Public Works terminated the contract of Segment 6 on March 4, 2021 Due to repeated violations of the contract, after the approval of the National Procurement Commission. Liquidated Damage is imposed on the contractor of Segment 1from February 5, 2021 due to not completing the works on time.

  1. Vision

The Trans-Hindukush Road Connectivity Project is one of the projects of the Ministry of Public Works and its purpose is to help achieve the vision of the Ministry of Public Works, which is "Connecting the provinces of Afghanistan with each other and with the region through standard roads."

  1. Mission

Construction of Baghlan to Bamyan road with a length of 152 km asphalt road and with the standard of national highway and design and technical study of the upper part of the highway and Salang tunnel for substantial rehabilitation.

  1. Objective:

The objective of the Trans-Hindukush Road Connectivity Project is: "to improve road transport connectivity across the Hindukush mountain range".

  1. Competencies within the Ministry of Public Works

The Trans-Hindukush Road Connectivity Project (THRCP) is responsible for the construction of the Baghlan to Bamyan road and the design of the upper (critical) part of the Salang Pass and Tunnel, as well as the day-to-day management of project activities and it is also responsible for overseeing construction works performed by the contractors. In order to properly monitor the work of the contractors, the teams of the project Construction Supervision Unit are constantly present in the field and a team is responsible for supervision of each Segment.

  1. Government and people

The THRCP is a national and a priority project of the Government of Afghanistan, which aims to improve the connection of the North, Center and South of the Hindukush mountain range through the road. All residents of both sides of the Hindukush mountain range, specifically the people of Baghlan and Bamyan provinces, will benefit from this project.

  1. Roles and responsibilities

The project management team manages the entire project. In addition, there is a specific unit for supervision of construction works called the Construction Supervision Unit (CSU) within the project, which is responsible for supervising the works of contractors. Besides, the project has Engineering, Financial, Logistics, Environmental and Social, Monitoring and Evaluation, and Operational Units, each of which has a specific responsibility in the relevant field. The United Nations Office for Project Services (UNOPS) is also working with the THRCP as project Implementation Consultant (IC).

  1. Infrastructure and resources

Project resources are divided into two parts:

1.  Human Resources: The total human resources of the project are 93, including the headquarter staff and the project site teams.

2.  Financial Resources: The current project budget includes $170M for the construction of the Baghlan to Bamyan road, of which the World Bank provides $150M and the Government of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan provides $20M. 

THRCP's 1400 Annual Plan   Click here to download
THRCP MOPW government to nation accountability report   Click here to download

Note: For complete information about the THRCP project download the PDF files. 

File B2B First ESIA.pdf THRCP ESMF.pdf Segment 4B Final RAP .pdf Draft RAP-Segment-4A.pdf Final RAP-Segment-5.pdf Final RAP-Segment-3.pdf Segment 1 ESMP.pdf Segment 2 ESMP.pdf Segment 3 ESMP.pdf Segment 4A ESMP.pdf Segment 4B ESMP.pdf Segment 5 ESMP.pdf


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