The "Herat-Chesht Sharif" road project reaches 52.8% work progress

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The "Herat-Chesht Sharif" road project reaches 52.8% work progress

Herat: As a main section of the east-west corridor; the first lot of road between Herat and Chesht-e-Sharif, which is 35 km long and 12.3 meters wide, has achieved 52.8 percent of physical work progress so far.

According to the Ministry of Public Works, this project also included some 2,940 meters long roadside ditches and around 600 square meters of retaining walls.

The project has been contracted between the Ministry of Public Works and a Turkish construction company.

It’s noteworthy; the completion of this important project will lead the eastern districts of Herat province to a visible economic development, especially the Chesht Sharif district, where a huge scale mine of marble stone is located.

Otherwise, this new passage will become a safe & cheap route for the marbles’ transportation and it will have a huge positive impact on the demining process at the site of the marbles’ mine of Chesht Sharif.

It is noteworthy that Herat-Chesht Sharif road with a total length of 155 km is divided into five sections, the first lot is 35 km long and the other four lots are 30 km each.

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