Programs Management Office of Ministry of Public Works


Asian Development Bank funds and implements several road infrastructure projects through the Program Management Office. The Program Management Office is funded by Asian Development Bank. The office was established in 2004 under the name of Project Management Unit (PIU) Within the framework of the Ministry of Public Work and under the direct supervision of ADB to improve projects affairs and liaise and coordinate with the donor ADB, Ministry of Public Work and relevant Ministries. By implementing some large scale transport and public projects in 2009, the office expanded and its name was changed into Program Management Office (PMO).

When the Program Management Unit (PMU) expanded and was changed into the Program Management Office (PMO), some changes were brought in the number of staff and projects. PMO is consist of different departments, including technical or engineering, finance, procurement, Projects Management, Administrative, Planning and Performance Monitoring and design departments. 

Vision of PMO:

Establishment and maintenance of transport infrastructure that effects on promotion of the economic development, health, education and well-being of the Afghan people.

Commitment of PMO:

Ensuring the provision of basic services and systematization to the country in collusion with the common commitment between the government and the nation.

Goals of PMO:

Program Management Office intends to improve and develop the construction of Afghanistan transportation networks through ADB grants. PMO is carrying out a wide range of activities in this regard and has already completed many projects about 2.509 Billion which are being utilized by the public.

Government and citizens:

PMO office addresses and cooperates with the citizens through the leadership of the MPW.

PMO competencies within the Ministry of Public Works framework:

Implementation and execution of the Asian Development Bank funded projects.

PMO roles and responsibilities:

The Program Management Office (PMO) is responsible for implementing all ADB-funded projects within the framework of the Ministry of Public Works.

Infrastructure and source:

Asian Development Bank (ADB) and the Ministry of Public Works.


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