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Sat, Jul 03 2021 10:41 AM
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Badakhshan: Construction of a 10 km road in Yaftal Bala district reaches 97% progress

The 10.54-kilometer-long gravel road starts from the Samchan Valley to the village of Langar in the Yaftal Bala district of Badakhshan province, which is currently 97 percent complete,. . .

Wed, Jun 30 2021 2:29 PM
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Insurgents blew-up a culvert with IED on Kabul-Kandahar national highway

Enemies of Afghanistan's destroyed a culvert and a part of the highway road with IED in the Arghandi area, near the square of Maidan Shahar gate located on the Kabul-Kandahar highway,. . .

Wed, Jun 30 2021 2:16 PM
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Parwan: Thop Dara - Khwaja Sayaran road has 67% progress

This asphalt road, from the Thop Dara to Khwaja Sayaran Ulya and Sufian Bala, has a length of 4.49 km and Its construction work continues with 67% progress, so far.

The project is. . .

Wed, Jun 30 2021 1:31 PM
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Construction of a 5.8-km road in Dehsabz district reaches 50 percent progress

Kabul: The project of a 5.8-kilometer-long asphalt road, which starts from the Khwaja Chaasht crossroads of Dehsabz district and reaches close to the “Allahgul Mujahid Madrasa”, is. . .

Wed, Jun 30 2021 11:02 AM
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Kunduz: Taliban destroyed a bridge and two culverts with IEDs

While the Ministry of Public Works is carrying out more road construction projects all over Afghanistan, the Taliban insurgents causing extensive damage to the country's infrastructure. . .

Wed, Jun 30 2021 10:35 AM
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Kunar-Nuristan road will be built according to it's design

The Ministry of Public Works is committed to construct projects in all parts of Afghanistan in accordance with the terms and conditions of the contract.

The Ministry of Public Works. . .

Wed, Jun 30 2021 9:51 AM
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The Dara-e-Suf district - Shabashk mine in under rapid construction

Samangan: This road starts from the Bazar-e-Sukhta of Dara-e-Suf district and ends in the beginning part of the Shabashk mine of Samangan province, has 37.194 kilometers length and 10. . .

Mon, Jun 28 2021 6:40 PM
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Construction of a concrete road in “Hesa II” district of Kapisa reaches 97% progress

This 2.6 km long concrete road project is under construction in Chahar Asyab village of the Hesa ​​II district of Kapisa province, has reached 97% of work progress, which will be. . .

Mon, Jun 28 2021 6:35 PM
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Nuristan: The Parun - Kamdish road project hits 65% progress

For the first time, the Kamdish and Bergematal districts will be connected via road to Down-Town Parun, the Capital of the mountainous province of Nuristan.

According to the NRAP of. . .